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10am - 1pm MAI D7

History of CQC

Close Quarter Combat is largely recognised as the first scientifically researched fighting system and was born in the 1920's as a Police system for dealing with some of the world's worst criminals. The founder was William E. Fairburn, Assistant Commissioner of the Shanghai Municipal Police. He and his colleague, Eric Anthony Sykes, needed an effective system to teach their officers so that they could survive the harsh realities of the roughest seaport in the world. These men compiled thousands of violent arrest reports and analysed the data to produce what would later become the standard CQC instruction for the Allied Special Forces (including the British SAS), and what some experts regard as 'the most effective system of Unarmed Combat on the planet'.

"To put it simply, Fairbairn's methods worked. Stripped of all the unnecessary trappings, his system of unarmed combat made it possible for a person of average strength and skills to meet and win against an opponent trained in the martial arts."


Since Fairbairn first developed the basic principles of Close Quarter Combat it has continued to evolve and advance. The system of CQC that we, The Close Quarter Combat Association of Ireland, teach is called A.R.M.E.D. - Accelerated Reactions Maximising Defence. It has been further developed by an extensive network of Martial Artists, security personnel and self-protection experts. A.R.M.E.D. CQC is not focused on any one style of martial arts and incorporates many systems including: boxing, kickboxing, thai-boxing, security & restraints, kenpo, Judo & grappling.

While there are many people and instructors to whom our system of CQC can be attributed to, the pioneers for A.R.M.E.D. CQC are Declan Kidd & Robert Devane who have over 55 years of Martial Arts between them.

Close Quarter Combat Course DVD's.

2 DVD's of Over 5 hours of this amazing course. The next best thing to attending the CQC course. Learn the ultimate self-defence skills from the comfort of your own home! Only €49.99 including free postage (within Ireland). Order now while stocks last.

Shot on location during a very successful Knife Fighting course. Learn: Correct Stance & Guard, Avoiding & Evading a sharp weapon, The 4 main Knife attacks, The Best defences against these attacks, How to defend when your back is against the wall or your opponent is on top of you, As well as many Knife Fighting Strategies and Knife sparring. Only €24.99 including free postage (within Ireland). Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins. Order now while stocks last.

Next Course

Next course takes place on Sunday May 27th 2018 from 10am till 1pm. Location is MAI Dublin 7. For directions please check here.
(10AM - 1PM. CQC A.R.M.E.D. course)

The CQC course is now reduced from €49.99 euro to only €34.99 (€29.99 if 2 people sign up) - A small price to pay for the peace of mind & confidence in being able to defend yourself. Places are limited to only 20 people so as to ensure personal attention to all participants.

ENROL TODAY. The full fee of €34.99 euro (€29.99 for 2) is required to book your place. - Simply Click here to pay safely and securely online and to book your place:

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Alternatively, you can post your 34.99 euro or drop into us with it: (cheque or bank draft made payable to: Close Quarter Combat Association of Ireland)
Close Quarter Combat Association of Ireland, Unit 5 Brunswick Court, Off North Brunswick St., Dublin 7.

We also provide custom courses for Companies, Schools and Associations and Private Tuition.
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